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Top 5 Fruit Picking Spots in Hokkaido

In Japan, autumn is known as the season for an appetite. Enjoy this pleasant season by going on a fruit picking adventure in Hokkaido. Eat a lot of nutritious fruits for they will also make your skin look even more beautiful!


1. Jozankei Farm

Jozankei Farm is a farm where you can harvest fruits that were grown in Hokkaido’s vast nature, as well as experience making jam or pizza. They have a lot of activities in store for families, couples, and friends. The fruit grow while basking in the sunlight, and the plums, prunes, apples, grapes, pears, and other fruit are ready to eat from September to October (prices of the fruits vary depending on the time limit). This farm also has a fishing pond where guests can eat the fish they catch on the spot, as well as an petting zoo where you can feed the ponies, so the day will just fly by.

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1. Jozankei Farm

2. Asadaen Farm

Asadaen Farm is a farm along National Highway No. 5 that you can easily stop by if you're on a drive. This farm also runs a market, and there you can try their specialty pickled plums that is made by soaking Bungo plums in perilla leaves and salt. One of the great things about this farm is that you will be able to buy the fruit you harvest at affordable prices. If you make a reservation in advance, you can also enjoy charcoal-grilled Genghis Khan barbecue, as well as bring-your-own-barbecue. The grape vineyard opens in early September, while the apple orchard starts in late September, with both farms open until late October. There is no doubt that you will be fully satisfied with the delicious food and fruit at this farm.

3. Maruzen Sato Orchard

Maruzen Sato Orchard has been open in Japan's northernmost fruit-growing district for the past 100 years. You will not only enjoy harvesting a variety of fruits within the vast land, but will also be safe even if it rains because there is a building where you can go when the rain falls. The peaches and pears ripen starting early September, while apples ripen from mid-September. You can also eat prunes and grapes until late October, so please choose the fruit you like. You can also buy juices, jams, and other processed fruit that are kept fresh for souvenirs.

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4. Shinohara Fruit Farm

The appeal of this farm is that you can eat all the fruit you want inside the farm for however long you like for only 800 JPY! There are many types of fruit here, and you can enjoy different tastes from July until November. There are also canals and a sugarcane field in this expansive farm, and from the top of the mountain where the orchard is located, you can gaze at Hakkenzan, Kamuidake, and other sights. You can go hiking or strolling and engage in various activities that will refresh your body. They also sell fruit ready to be taken home.

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5. Fujimori Fruit Farm

Entrance fee for this farm is 880 JPY throughout the year even as the seasons and fruit change. You can have as much fruit as you want for an unlimited time, so you can enjoy a lot of them because you don’t have to worry. From September through October, guests can eat apples and grapes, and during autumn, they can also enjoy prunes. If you make a reservation for five or more people, you can have Genghis Khan, so this is recommended for people with large appetites. There are also original juices made from the fruit harvested from the farm, so how about taking those home as souvenirs?

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The fruit that is bought from supermarkets and fruit and vegetable shops is delicious, but how about going a little further to eat freshly harvested, fully ripe fruits? By doing that, you can learn more about Japan’s food and get to harvest fresher crops.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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