6 Hokkaido Sweets You’ll Want to Buy as Souvenirs

In Hokkaido, a wide land full of verdant nature, there is also lots of delicious sweets. Here are some that would make perfect souvenirs to make your loved ones happy.


1. Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate

Royce's potato chip chocolate (778 JPY (incl. tax)) is a new combination that's become a huge hit. The crunchy, saltiness of the potato chips combined with the rich chocolate creates a salty-sweet taste that people just can't get enough of! There are four flavors: original, mild bitter, fromage blanc, and caramel. It's a little more expensive than regular potato chips, but they're made with Royce's esteemed chocolate, and you'll understand the price when you try them yourself and experience their quality. They're more solid than you would think. You can find them all around Hokkaido, including the Royce' Chocolate World shop in the Shin-Chitose Airport. This snack that left people talking is definitely one to try!

1. Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate

2. Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito (576 JPY (incl. tax) for a box of 9) is a treat that has been beloved for more than 30 years. 2 crispy white langue de chat cookies are held together by a special blend of white chocolate. If you take a bite the cookie melts apart in your mouth, and the deliciousness of the texture and the smooth white chocolate will almost make you emotional. Shiroi Koibito is so famous in Japan that even people who have never been to Hokkaido know about it because of how often it's chosen as a souvenir. You don't have to look very hard to find it in Hokkaido souvenir shops. You can also buy it at duty-free shops in airports including Asahikawa Airport and Shin-Chitose Airport.

2. Shiroi Koibito

3. Yoitomake

The makers of Yoitomake (680 JPY (incl. tax) for one) declare that their product is Japan's hardest to eat but delicious snack. It's a lightly sweetened snack made of a fluffy sponge roll cake covered in plenty of blue honeysuckle jam only made from blue honeysuckle grown in Hakucho, Hokkaido. Since the outside is completely covered in the jam, it's then wrapped in a wafer. However if you cut it or bite into it, the wafer crumbles and your hands become covered in the jam anyway. That's why it's said it be hard to eat. However, they now sell it pre-cut. Since it's fine at room temperature, you can take it home as a souvenir without fear. You can buy it in company shops, souvenir stores, and Shin-Chitose Airport.

5. Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake

Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake (1,296 JPY (incl. tax)) is a rich, yet refreshing cake that has recently become a very popular souvenir. The 4 layer cake was made in the image of thawing snow in Furano. Underneath the fluffy, melting whipped cream is rich baked cheesecake and crunchy tart crust. The acidity of the moderately sweet mountain grape jam helps the entire pastry melt in your mouth for a taste so delicious you'll be left speechless. They sell them frozen, so if you buy one it's recommended that you let it thaw halfway like its name (yukidoke means snow thaw) and then eat it like ice cream. For people who like a rich taste, it would be best completely defrosted. The baked rare cheesecake isn't suitable for long periods of travel, but it's something you should definitely try. They sell it in airports, so please look for it depending on your schedule.

5. Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake

5. Marusei Butter Sandwich

Marusei Butter Sandwich (630 JPY (incl. tax) for a box of 5) is from biscuits that are then held together by a cream made of white chocolate, raisins, and 100% Hokkaido butter. It's made in a satisfying size, and the combination of the thick biscuit, the rich cream, and the fresh raisins will make you addicted. The design of the wrapper was recreated from when Marusei Butter first opened in 1905, so it has a great retro design. It has a 9-10 day shelf life in temperatures below 25℃, so in Japan that means you can leave it out at room temperature between November and March. You can buy it in duty-free shops in airports and souvenir shops. Some shops outside of the airport also have tax-free options so please check their homepage.

5. Marusei Butter Sandwich

6. Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru (885 JPY (incl. tax)) is made using specially selected unpeeled Hokkaido potatoes. They're a popular snack thanks to their crispy, oven-fresh texture. The Okhotsk roasted salt gives it a fragrance and a taste that not only kids will love, but adults will enjoy as a snack to eat with a drink. 1 box has 10 packets of 18g worth of snacks in there, so it's small enough to give out as souvenirs. It keeps for about 3 months. Jaga Pokkuru is only sold in Hokkaido, so make sure to pick it up at souvenir shops or in airports.

These souvenirs range from products that have become representative of Hokkaido to items that have recently been advertised through the media so they're super popular, but all of them are sure to be great hits at home and among your loved ones.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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