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Recommended Souvenirs Limited to Sapporo Station and New Chitose Airport

If you're going to buy Hokkaido souvenirs, Sapporo Station and New Chitose Airport are the best. Here are some recommended limited souvenirs to buy in those areas.


Where to buy souvenirs around Sapporo Station

"Sapporo Station, the base for sightseeing in Hokkaido, is a perfect place to buy souvenirs. Inside the station there are many souvenir shops, but among them is Hokkaido Shikisaikan Sapporo Nishi Branch, a store that stocks a wide variety of items from everyday necessities to sweets you can only find in Hokkaido. They're open from 6:30 am, so even if you must travel early, you can still rest assured that you can buy souvenirs here. Also, there are shopping malls connected to the station like Apia, Esta, and Paseo. In Apia, there's Omiyage Koubou Natori-ya, where you can buy not just sweets and local foods like ramen, but they also stock more than 400 Hokkaido-limited character items, so you'll definitely find something you like here! Inside Esta, there's a 100 yen shop, so people who want to buy lots of cheap souvenirs like chopsticks and tenugui towels should stop here. Sapporo is so full of souvenir places that you'll end up being confused about what to buy and where. Here are 2 products that you can only buy in the Sapporo area."

Sapporo Station Limited Item #1: Wakasa-imo

"Wakasa-imo (648 JPY (incl. tax) for 6) is one of the representative famous sweets from Hokkaido made by Wakasa-imo Honpo. The name and the shape is ""imo"" (""tuber"", but in this case sweet potato specifically), but actually there's no sweet potatoes used to make this at all. It's made using navy beans from Lake Touya into an (sweet bean paste) and made to look like a roasted yam. The characteristic texture has made it beloved as a tea-cake by many people. It keeps at room temperature for 18 days after production so it's great as a souvenir. The only Wakasa-imo Honpo company store in Hokkaido is in Paseo. Depending on the season you can buy limited-edition products, so please check it out."

Sapporo Station Limited Item #1: Wakasa-imo

Sapporo Station Limited Item #2: Sapporo Poppo Manjuu

Wakasa-imo Honpo also makes the Sapporo Station limited product Sapporo Poppo Manjuu. There is a branch in Paseo. Sapporo Poppo Manjuu is a treat slowly steamed over a few hours. The texture is springy, and the combination of the outside made with fragrant brown sugar and the tsubuan (sweet bean paste that still has bean granules) filling is addicting. Many people bulk buy to bring it home. You can buy one for 86 JPY (incl. tax) so while it's perfect for a souvenir it's also great as a snack while you travel!

Sapporo Station Limited Item #2: Sapporo Poppo Manjuu

Information about where to buy souvenirs in New Chitose Airport

"It's recommended that people who are traveling through Japan domestically by airplane buy souvenirs in New Chitose Airport. However, something that you must know is that popular products sell out easily. It's best to arrive early to the airport to buy souvenirs without worry. There are many souvenir shops inside the airport, so it will take you more than an hour to look at them all. Because of that, if you know there's something you want to buy, you should ask the information desk where you can buy it. If there isn't anything you're looking for in particularly, it might be good to search for a shop where you can taste things. Since there are products that you won't be able to tell if you like it or not just by looking, you can buy things with an easy heart if you're able to taste it. But don't get so engrossed in your shopping that you miss your flight! There are limited-edition souvenirs that you can only buy in New Chitose Airport. Here are 2 of those souvenirs to look out for."

New Chitose Airport Limited Items #1: Sakusaku Pie New Chitose-hatsu

"Sky Shop Ogasawara, near the Center Plaza on the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal, is where you can buy Sakusaku Pie New Chitose-hatsu. This is a collaboration between the souvenir shop Ogasawara and Rokkatei, the creators of the famous Marusei Butter Sandwich, a standard Hokkaido souvenir. The Sakusaku Pie New Chitose-hatsu can't even be bought at the Rokkatei Main Branch, just at this airport shop. This product is made right after the order is made. Honeysuckle jam is wrapped in cream cheese and then spread between two pieces of dough that's made with blue honeysuckle and cream cheese that is then covered in white chocolate. The freshly-made pie is crispy and feels like it's going to fall apart in your mouth when you take a bite. If you aren't going to eat it right there, they can box it up for you for souvenir purposes, so please pick some up. One costs 160 JPY."

New Chitose Airport Limited Items #1: Sakusaku Pie New Chitose-hatsu

New Chitose Airport Limited Items #2: Cup Cream Puff Yume Fusen

On the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal in Shopping World Sweets Avenue is Kitakaro New Chitose Airport Branch, and there you can find the limited product Cup Cream Puff Yume Fusen. Kitakaro is famous for their Kaitaku Okaki, a kind of fried or baked mochi, but their Cup Cream Puff Yume Fusen is a creamy and delicious treat very popular with women. The dough, which expanded like a balloon, is filled with mascarpone cheese and custard cream, and then frosted with fondant reminiscent of condensed milk. It's a souvenir you'll want to pick up. 1 costs 185 JPY.

New Chitose Airport Limited Items #2: Cup Cream Puff Yume Fusen

There are many great souvenirs in both Sapporo Station and New Chitose Airport. You can easily enjoy shopping at both these places by adding it to your travel schedule.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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