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A cold and delicious event in Kitami – a Yakiniku Festival held in the city that “loves” yakiniku so much –

Kitami Mid-Winter Barbeque Festival: 1,900 people enjoy yakiniku in February, the coldest month in Kitami!

Kitami Mid-Winter Barbeque Festival

"Kitami-shi is known as a city that loves yakiniku as there are about 70 yakiniku restaurants against a population of 120,000. One of the seasonal traditions of this city, Kitami Mid-Winter Barbeque Festival is an event that 1,900 locals and tourists enjoy yakiniku in the evening of February, the coldest season of the year.

Friday, February 2nd, 2018
5:30 – 8:00 pm (Doors open at 5:00 pm)
Kitami Art and Culture Hall, parking area: 2-3-22 Izumi-cho, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido
2,000 yen per ticket
(meat 300g; onions; shochu and soft drinks- all you can drink; chopsticks; plates; yakiniku sauce; salt & pepper)
【Contacts】 Kitami Tourism Association

How to participate and enjoy the event

In order to attend this event, you need to purchase a ticket in advance. (2,000 yen per ticket). A ticket includes 300 grams of meat, 100 grams of onions, and beverage including shochu and soft drinks. As the organizer prepares shichirin (small grills), salt, pepper, yakiniku sauce, chopsticks and dishes, you can simply go there with wormer outfits and enjoy the event.
By the way, don’t forget to wear a hat and gloves as temperatures could drop down to -15 degrees.
Local yakiniku restaurants and liquor stores also sell extra meat and some alcoholic drinks including beer and sake at the venue, so you can purchase them with cash if you need more to eat/drink.
Most people drink shochu with hot water in this event, but it quickly gets cold as temperatures are so low. Also, the sauce for yakiniku can often get frozen due to the low temperature, but it quickly melts when you put hot meat into the frozen sauce. These are some of fun experiences that you can enjoy only in this event.
According to the organizer, this event was held in February 2000 for the first time in order to energize the community by creating an event that combines two features of Kitami, “cold weather” and “tasty and low cost food.”
Participants said “It’s freezing out!” but seemed to enjoy the event in winter, and there was even a store selling ice cream at the venue last year.
Kitami-shi is only an hour away from Abashiri-shi that is famous for drift ice. Please come and enjoy yakiniku in freezing winter in Kitami!

Local yakiniku restaurants at the venue

The ice cream you eat at 10 ℃ below is fantastic.

Comment from Kitami Tourism Association

The city of Kitami is 40 minutes away from Memambetsu Airport by bus. As locals love yakiniku, there are lots of yakiniku restaurants that offer delicious meat in the city. Kitami-shi is a core city of the Okhotsk area in Hokkaido, and has a population of 120,000.

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