Top 5 Pensions and Guest Houses in Furano, Hokkaido with Great Customer Reviews

One of the most popular areas in Hokkaido has to be Furano, which is famous for its lavender and other flower fields that change every season. This city is also dotted with sightseeing spots, as well as lodging facilities that boast excellent location. Below are five pensions and guesthouses in Furano that are gaining popularity through word of mouth.

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1. Pension Gooseberry

Pension Gooseberry is a tranquil pension at the foot of Mt. Nishidake and is surrounded by a forest of acacia trees. Here, guests are welcomed by a beautiful Irish setter, a hunting dog. If you look outside from the common dining room, you might just see foxes, squirrels, rabbits and deer. The shared bathroom can be chartered per guest room. Some guestrooms have their own bathroom. In the morning, you will be served breakfast that includes handmade breads and dishes that use fresh vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden. Wi-Fi is free throughout the property.

2. Phytoncide Morinokaori

This is an inn that is located opposite the Kitanomine Zone, a ski resort in Furano. It is adjacent to a wooded area where wild birds fly about, so you can relax while being surrounded by nature. Inside this guesthouse, which is decorated with antique furniture, you will be enveloped in a subdued atmosphere that comes from the wooden structure. It is a space for adults since you must be at least 12 years old to be able to stay here. The six rooms available here are double or triple Western-style rooms, all of which are fitted with bathroom, washroom and toilet. Guests also get to enjoy complete amenities. There are laundry facilities. Wi-Fi is free in the guest rooms.

3. Alpine Backpackers

Alpine Backpackers is an inn annexed to the Alpine Visitor Center, which is a 5-minute walk from the Kitanomine gondola. It is run by a company that offers outdoor tours, so it is recommended to those who want to join tours. The guest rooms here are separate dormitories for women and men. There are rooms that can fit two, four and six guests, and they can be rented as a whole room. There is also a shared kitchen, so you can cook your own food. You can add dinner, featuring dishes cooked in a Dutch oven, as well as breakfast with homemade breads, soup, coffee and other items. Wi-Fi is free in the public areas. English-speaking staff available.

4. Pension Hoshi Ni Negaiwo

This is a pension with a homey vibe. Perched on a hill, you can see the mountains of the Daisetsuzan National Park from inside this building. On a clear day, you might even see a sky full of stars at night. When it comes to guest rooms, you can choose from twin rooms, Japanese-Western rooms, and Japanese-style rooms with tatami flooring. There is a panorama lounge with an expansive feeling, thanks to its large windows, and on cold winter days, you can mingle with other guests while you're seated around the wood stove. The bathrooms and toilets are shared among guests. There are laundry facilities. Smoking is prohibited in the entire property. Wi-Fi is free in the public areas.

5. Meguminoyu

Meguminoyu is an inn that is annexed to a facility where you can enjoy bedrock bathing (reservation required). You will definitely sweat in this bath, but that will be followed by a refreshing feeling. There are two guest rooms in this guesthouse, both of which are Japanese-Western rooms that are fitted with bathroom and toilet. The rooms are the type where you need to lay the futon mattress on the floor before you go to sleep. It is located in a spot surrounded by nature where you can see Kitanomine peak and Mt. Ashibetsu, so you can relax while marveling at the beautiful views. This spot is also enjoying rave reviews for the reputation of its owner and the wonderful breakfast. Smoking is prohibited in the entire property. English-speaking staff available.

If you visit Furano, it is recommended that you use guesthouses and pensions like the ones above where you can feel close to nature. You can fully enjoy the charms of Furano that can only be experienced when you stay the night.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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