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You’ll want to eat here even if there’s a line! 5 Popular Tsukemen Shops in Sapporo

In the ramen battleground that is Sapporo, there are many shops where you can eat not only ramen, but also tsukemen, a kind of ramen that is eaten by dipping the noodles in dipping sauce. Here are five of the famous tsukemen spots that are quite famous with locals. All of these restaurants have great reviews on Internet sites!


1. Sapporo Tsukemen Furaido

Sapporo Tsukemen Furaido is a tsukemen shop that is about 5 minutes away from Gakuen-Mae Station on the Toho subway line. Their specialty, which is also the restaurant's name, is the Sapporo tsukemen (starting at 800 JPY). There are four flavors, but the miso is most recommended. The miso-based dipping sauce of this tsukemen is made from two types of Hokkaido-made miso, onions, garlic, white sesame seeds, and various vegetables. The sauce is cooked until it gets rich and thick, so the fat, curly noodles go well with it. There are other types tsukemen, too, such as one with a salt-based soup seasoned with their homemade chili sauce, as well as a soy sauce-based one. All the tsukemen at Sapporo Tsukemen Furaido are characterized by a robust, delicious taste that blends white tonkotsu (pork bone) broth and seafood stock.

1. Sapporo Tsukemen Furaido

2. Aradaki Tonkotsu Araton Main Branch

Aradaki Tonkotsu Araton is located near the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. Their tonkotsu/seafood soup made with the leftovers of cleaned fish is their biggest draw. This restaurant is near the market, so every day they use fresh fish and various seafood to add rich flavors to the tonkotsu soup. The types of fish it uses changes depending on the fish available, so you can enjoy different flavors every day. The tsukemen all start at 850 JPY (incl. tax). After you finish eating, you can ask for "soup wari," and the staff will add broth to your sauce so you can drink it as a soup.

2. Aradaki Tonkotsu Araton Main Branch

3. Menya Takahashi

Menya Takahashi, near Sapporo Dome, offers tsukemen (starting at 750 JPY (incl. tax)) made with tonkotsu and dried sardine soup. There are three flavors: regular, spicy, and miso. If you can't decide which one to try, consider the miso tsukemen, which has a rich flavor that you can't find anywhere else. The noodles are also very particularly made, so each bowl is perfectly sharp, rich, and fragrant. The noodles are flat and thick so they pick up the perfect amount of soup.

4. Men-Eiji Hiragishi Base

Located an 8-minute walk from Hiragishi Station on the Namboku subway line, Men-Eiji Hiragishi Base is a shop that aims to create original flavors without losing the basis of traditional Sapporo ramen. They work to use local ingredients from Hokkaido, including pork bones, chicken bones, vegetables, and miso. They make their noodles using Hokkaido wheat. Among the numerous dishes in its menu, the Tsuke BUTO (starting at 800 JPY) is the dish that will let you enjoy the noodles the most. Enjoy the thick, chewy noodles made without any chemical additions, by dipping them in the rich seafood and tonkotsu soup.

※Photo is of the Sapporo Miso Eiji Style (800 JPY)

5. Keserasera

Keserasera may be located in the outskirts of Sapporo, but it still has lots of fans from far away who come all the way here for ramen. It is about a 9-minute walk from the nearest station, Yurigahara Station on the JR Gakuen-Toshi Line. You can also easily reach this shop by car. Here, the salt flavor tsukemen (800 JPY) is particularly popular, and it's made with thick white chicken broth and topped with fat slices of roasted pork, menma (fermented and dried bamboo shoots), and spring onions. It comes with a lemon so you can change the taste as you eat. The soy sauce flavor (800 JPY) is served with fish flakes on the side. ※Photo is of the ramen (starting at 700 JPY)

While many of the restaurants in this list are located away from the city, they are well worth a visit! They are popular restaurants that constantly have lines outside their doors. Each shop has something special in their dishes, so it would be best to try them all out to compare their tsukemen.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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