5 Recommended Autumnal Gourmet Events in Hokkaido

There are many gourmet events in the fall where you can enjoy a full line-up of autumnal Hokkaido flavors. Here are 5 of the gourmet events that will be held in the fall of 2016. Each area has their own particular characteristic food that you can enjoy only in Hokkaido. Please enjoy the food along with the beautiful sights of Hokkaido nature.

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1. Sapporo Oktoberfest 2016

Sapporo Oktoberfest, an annual beer festival held on the first floor of the Sapporo Television Tower, will be held this year from September 9th to October 1st. This festival recreates the ambiance of the Oktoberfest held in Sapporo's sister city, Munich. You can fully enjoy all sorts of beer, including the official cask brewed Oktoberfest beer made only for Oktoberfest in Germany, other cask beers from Germany, and craft beer from all throughout Hokkaido. There is also a wide lineup of German food and snacks. The staff wear traditional German dress and there's live music, so you will feel like you're actually in Munich!

1. Sapporo Oktoberfest 2016

2. Kita no Megumi Tabe Marche 2016

This food market gathers all the foods proudly produced in the northern region of Hokkaido. It's in four different parts of the city, including the plaza in front of Asahikawa Station and in Tokiwa Park. It will be held this year from September 17th to 19th. There will be plenty of delicious fall items, from produce to meat to seafood. There are dishes like paella made with rice, vegetables, seafood, and butter, a dish covering ingredients from all of Hokkaido. There are also all kinds of food stalls, so it's filled with customers.

The dynamically made paella

Hanasaki crab

2. Kita no Megumi Tabe Marche 2016

3. Furusato Hyappei Festival

Furusato Hyappei Festival, a festival using rice grown in Iwamizawa, is a festival made to honor the 100th anniversary of the founding of Iwamizawa as well as a prayer for an abundant harvest and successful business. It's said that if you eat the mochi (rice cake) pounded here, you'll live to be 100! This festival will be held from September 17th to 19th.
The young people of Iwamizawa work together to lift a 200kg mallet, and drop it into the world's biggest mortar with a diameter of 2.1m and weighing 4 tons. After they make around 60kg of mochi, they hold various events like throwing mochi into the crowd, so it's very lively. Why not participate in the festival and gain longevity?

4. Akkeshi Kaki Festival

Akkeshi, a city in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is known for oysters. The Akkeshi Kaki Festival will be held from October 1st to the 10th this year. The venue will be filled with stalls selling plenty of products, including oysters, clams, mackerel pike, scallops, oyster ramen, oyster bento lunches, clam soup, and more. You can grill and eat the oysters and other seafood you buy right there. On the Sundays, the 2nd and the 9th, they hold various events like the children's clam grab and the Akkeshi oyster grab. It's an event perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Akkeshi Town Hall

The flavor of oysters from the countryside is superb.

Akkeshi Town Hall

5. Tsukiura Wine Festival

This is an event where you can enjoy Tsukiura wine, produced on the west coast of Lake Touya, and Lake Touya Akage brand beef. It's held yearly in the beginning of October. It celebrates the year's wine production, and you can enjoy seasonal fall flavors along with the foliage. Tsukiura wine only uses their own grapes, and you can enjoy a half-bottle of it with beef in this event. Using the charcoal grill comes with vegetables and it's free. You can also buy wine at the company store. There's an artist's stage, games like bingo, and sales of local produce as well.

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Hokkaido is famous for being lush and full of delicious produce, meat, and seafood. They also hold plenty of gourmet events that are all popular. There are short-term events, but Hokkaido is great for tourism and outdoor activities, so why not head over during an event so you can enjoy all that Hokkaido has to offer?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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