5 Recommended Stylish Cafes in Sapporo

Within Hokkaido region, there are cafes that are particularly fancy and stylish in the Sapporo area. Here are five of those stylish cafes in Sapporo that have been carefully chosen from the lot.


1. Okurayama Tukimisou Cafe

Okurayama Tukimisou Cafe is a cafe where you can unwind while feeling the warmth of trees. Its indirect lighting and wood stove create a comfortable and cozy space for guests. This cafe is famous for its siphon-style coffee, teas directly imported from the U.K., and desserts. The carefully made Tukimisou Blend (600 JPY) is an easy-to-drink coffee with the right balance of bitterness and sweetness. And if you order such desserts as the Gateau Chocolat & Crème Brulee (650 JPY) with a robust flavor of chocolate and smoothness of the cream, and the fluffy Chiffon Cake (550 JPY) cake that lavishly uses Hokkaido’s specialty eggs, they will be served on a plate with a cute design made with chocolate pen. They apparently also accommodate requests for coffee art, so some people will undoubtedly be happy about that. This cafe also has a food menu that includes risottos and curries. Now Okurayama Tukimisou Cafe is open up to 12:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, so you can relax and stay here until late at night. It’s especially perfect for dates, too.

1. Okurayama Tukimisou Cafe


RITARU COFFEE is where you can taste an exceptional cup of coffee that was made from a particularly discriminating process starting with the selection of beans. The 1st floor of this establishment is where you can buy coffee beans, while the 2nd floor is where you will find the cafe, and its stylish interior using a brown color palette has an atmosphere that makes it feel like a refuge for adults. They have around 15 home-roasted coffees available on the menu all the time, and of all these type of coffee, the RITARU Blend (580 JPY (incl. tax)) that bears the name of the cafe is a robust coffee with the right amount of body and the aroma of coffee roasting. The cakes here may change by the season, but they constantly have a lineup of sweets and desserts that go well with coffee. The best time to come here is from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning. The prices of food slightly vary depending on the type of coffee you want, but the set with half-toast and a boiled egg is a bargain at just around 700 JPY. You can also avail of other sets such as the set with “Koppedog,” which is a roll called a koppepan filled with a sausage like a hot dog, and boiled egg at 850 JPY (incl. tax). RITARU COFFEE is a wonderful cafe where you can spend your mornings together with some fine coffee.

3. Miyakoshiya Coffee

Also known as the coffee shop that best represents Hokkaido, Miyakoshiya Coffee is a full-fledged coffee chain with more than 15 shops in all of Hokkaido and a few branches in Tokyo. Here, you get to enjoy various kinds of coffee, from the easy-to-drink types up to the kinds of coffee that will impress even the most discriminating coffee lovers, under the concept “extremely delicious coffee for everybody.” All of its branches are known for their fancy interiors, but each one has its distinct ambience that would make you want to check them all out just to be able to compare. What’s common among all of Miyakoshiya’s shops are the displays inside each modern shop. It's decorated with photographs, paintings, coffee cups, and other touches to give the cafe a calm atmosphere. It probably need not be said that you can have a taste of different kinds of coffee at this Ccfe, such as the easy-to-drink Mild Blend with a refreshing mild roast feel or the French Blend with a deep and strong body. You can also pair them with a wide array of homemade cakes. The cheesecake is especially famous among adults for its soufflé-like light texture. You simply have to check out this cafe.

4. Morihiko

Morihiko is so popular that people call it the “sanctuary of coffee lovers.” Its shop, which used to be an old private house covered in weeds before it was renovated, may be simple but it is filled with a special feeling of warmth that makes it look like something you’d see in the movies. The coffees they serve use fragrant beans that were roasted in the direct-heat oven at this shop's own roasting plant. Here, coffee goes through the Nell drip and is served in a cup that was made just for Morihiko by ceramic artists, and that alone will already make your coffee seem more delicious. But it’s the taste of the coffee that is the star here. This cafe constantly has more than 10 types of blends and seasonal coffees, along with a lineup of only cakes that pair wonderfully with coffee, such as homemade pound cakes, tarts, chiffon cakes, and gateau chocolat. There are five Morihiko shops in Hokkaido aside from its main shop, and each one of them is enveloped in a refined atmosphere that is different from the main shop. So, if you have already been captivated by Morihiko at its main shop, please head on over to its other branches, too.

*The photo is of ATELIER Morihiko.

5. jETSET.

JETSET. is a cafe that is famous for its particular interior design with a stylish and pop vibe that resembles a general goods store. Established by transforming an isolated house into a cafe without any major renovations, it is a shop that is known for its comfortably relaxed space and cafe food. The dishes on its menu include their most popular dish, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Ice Cream Pancakes (950 JPY), as well as other pancakes, and Eggs Benedict (1,050 JPY). You’d be full with even just a piece of pancake because of its extraordinary volume that comes from the heavy pancake mix used. The moistness of pancake that virtually soaks the sweet-saltiness of the salted caramel will surely hit the spot! As for the Eggs Benedict, you have to choose from ham, bacon, smoked salmon and herbed chicken, but each one of those fillings incredibly fits the poached egg and jETSET.’s very own Hollandaise sauce. Now after fully enjoying a round of Hokkaido’s gourmet foods, round up your trip with pancakes and Eggs Benedict in a stylish cafe to give you that feeling that it was a full sightseeing trip.

Sapporo, said to be a battleground of cafes, is home to a lot of unique coffee shops serving well-selected products. You should definitely try to go to Sapporo sometime and check out these cafes.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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