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5 Recommended Restaurants in Sapporo Where You Can Eat Lunch For Under 1,000 JPY

In Sapporo, there are gourmet restaurants that use the best of the area's specialties, but you can also find plenty of places to enjoy a reasonable meal. Here are 5 lunch spots where you can have a meal for less than 1,000 JPY.


1. Wasabi

Wasabi is a restaurant where you can enjoy their fresh ingredients bought daily from the market in a calm atmosphere. The name "wasabi" comes from the popular spicy condiment made from horseradish that's often eaten with sushi or sashimi.
They have counter seats where you can watch the chefs show off their skills as well as a variety of private rooms of different sizes so you can easily enjoy a meal here whether or not you're alone or in a group.
For lunch you can order the Wasabi Teishoku lunch set (980 JPY (incl. tax)) that comes with their excellent sashimi, soba noodles, and traditional side dishes called "kobachi" that change every day.
This is recommended for gourmets that want to try a lot of new things.

2. Wa no Omotenashi Hitotema

Wa no Omotenashi Hitotema offers food prepared by skilled chefs using seafood received directly from the harbor. This restaurant is valued for its reasonable prices even as it offers rare seasonal seafood that even locals don't often get to eat.
For people that want to eat Hokkaido seafood, the Nama Honmagurozuke Chazuke (980 JPY (incl. tax)) lunch dish is recommended. Pacific Bluefin tuna is marinated in a special sauce and then placed on top of rice for a superb, luxurious meal.
After you satisfied yourself with the rich taste of the tuna, you can pour dashi broth over it. "Chazuke" is a dish where hot Japanese tea is poured over rice, but in recent years it has begun to mean rice topped with ingredients and then covered with tea or broth. You can enjoy the tuna two different ways this way.

3. Sumo Chaya Ponpokotei Tanukikoji 3Chome Branch

This restaurant's biggest charm is the mysterious soup that it has protected for more than 30 years. Sumo Chaya Ponpokotei Tanukikoji 3Chome Branch, a place known for their hot pot ("nabe") dishes, is a great restaurant for having a good time in a group.
Their most famous dish is chanko nabe, a hot pot dish that sumo wrestlers are known for, and it's usually made with vegetables, meat, and fish. In Japan, eating hot pot is usually done in a group with your family or friends.
You can easily try chanko nabe if you order their Chanko Nabe Ramen (starting at 700 JPY). You eat this chanko nabe using their secret soup as ramen. You can order a bowl for each person, but you'll definitely be surprised by the size. "Nyumon" is the smallest size, followed by "sekiwake," "ozeki," and "yokozuna," so starting with nyumon is the safest option. The sizes are named after sumo wrestler ranks.
If you're a big eater and you're really hungry, then maybe challenging the yokozuna size might become a good memory of your trip?

3. Sumo Chaya Ponpokotei Tanukikoji 3Chome Branch

4. Maguroya

If you want to eat tuna in Sapporo, this is the place to go! This restaurant offers mainly tuna, and they offer sashimi of course but also nigiri sushi, fried tuna, yukhoe (a Korean dish of seasoned raw fish or meat topped with an egg), and more.
The most popular of their dishes is the Tokusei Maguro-don (1,130 JPY (incl. tax)) offered at lunch. The rice is covered with so much marinated tuna sashimi that you can't even see it, so you'll be completely satisfied by the volume! The thick, fatty tuna is excellent and you won't be able to get enough of the rice seasoned by the tuna's marinade. The large miso soup comes with free refills!
This is the restaurant to go to if you want to eat tuna to your heart's content.

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5. Cafe&Dining Carin

Cafe&Dining Carin is a restaurant that is casual yet still has a high-class atmosphere. It's a restaurant that specializes in cheese and wine, and you can enjoy your meal in its refined atmosphere. The recommendation is the Carin Tokusei Cheese Fondue (1,600 JPY (excl. tax)). This original special cheese fondue uses whipped cream and cheese from Hokkaido, and you eat it with seasonal ingredients.
At lunch, you can have the Lunch Cheese Fondue Course for 2,500 JPY (incl. tax)), but if you want a reasonably priced lunch, you can go for the Cheese Fondue Yaki Curry (850 JPY (incl. tax)). The rich curry is topped with lots of cheese fondue sauce and then baked. The cheese and the curry go perfect together! You can enjoy the rich flavors to your heart's content. The menu is full of fashionable meals so it would be good to go as a couple.

5. Cafe&Dining Carin

Sapporo is famous for many dishes like ramen, seafood, Genghis Khan barbecue, but you can also enjoy different kinds of cuisine for lunch for reasonable prices. Please find the perfect meal for you.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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