5 Recommended Restaurants at New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport, the doorway to Hokkaido, offers Hokkaido regional gourmet specialties that you can enjoy. Here are 5 recommended restaurants at New Chitose Airport.

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1. Ebisoba Ichigen

Among the many ramen restaurants available at Hokkaido Noodle Hall, Ebisoba Ichigen is one of the most popular. The secret to its popularity is the blend of the soup made from the heads of deep-water shrimp and the rich tonkotsu soup. The restaurant's interior is decorated with white wood and offers a lively atmosphere. There is a total of 38 seats available, including counter seats and table seats. There are baskets for your bags underneath each table which is a plus for travelers. The soup comes in three standard flavors of salt, miso, and soy sauce, and you can choose your preferred thickness of both the noodles and soup. The recommended shrimp broth can be adjusted to "as is," "moderate," or "flavorful," and it can be added to any of the three standard soup flavors (780 JPY each). Being able to adjust the flavors of shrimp to your liking is a style that can only be found here. Please try it in order to make it a memory of Hokkaido.

2. Matsuo Genghis Khan

Matsuo Genghis Khan is a Genghis Khan chain restaurant that has 10 branches in Hokkaido and the Kanto region. They wanted to make meat delicious to everyone of all ages so they created a special sauce that removes the characteristic gameyness from lamb meat. It is known as one of the places to go to eat Genghis Khan while in Hokkaido. Genghis Khan is a Hokkaido specialty barbecue of mutton and lamb meat that's grilled on a convex skillet that allows vegetables to cook in the oil from the meat. The recommended dish of this restaurant is the top quality lamb rib roast Genghis Khan set (2,480 JPY). It offers lamb rib roast Genghis Khan (170g with grilled vegetables), rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, and salad that is sure to satisfy everyone's taste.

3. Soup Curry lavi

Curry is eaten so often in Japan that it can be considered a national food. There are many times of Japanese curry, but if you come to Hokkaido you must try their specialty soup curry. Usually Japanese curry uses vegetables and meat that are cut into bite-sized pieces, but soup curry uses ingredients that are cut into large pieces if they're cut at all. Soup curry uses a ton of ingredients and the rice is inside the soup, so it's different from regular curry.
""lavi"" is a specialty restaurant that offers rich and flavorful soup curry. It's famous because you can choose your toppings, including cheese, types of vegetables, and soup flavor. Toppings such as cheese and vegetables and soup can be chosen. If you add ingredients like roasted shrimp or sesame soup to the original soup, the curry even more rich and delicious and you can enjoy a wider variety of flavors. A recommended dish is the chicken and vegetable curry with roasted shrimp soup (1,430 JPY) which uses a ton of vegetables and chicken so soft you can eat it with a spoon. This curry is definitely worth trying when you are in Hokkaido!

4. Hokkaido Kushiro Fukutei

You can eat kamameshi, a dish made with rice and ingredients cooked in a kettle, at this popular restaurant in the airport. The 15 restaurants part of the Fukutei Group, located mostly in Hokkaido, mostly serve Japanese cuisine. Hokkaido Kushiro Fukutei offers kamameshi meals using plenty of Hokkaido ingredients. Hokkaido's famous uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), and crab are used in luxurious amounts in their Uni Ikura Taraba Kamameshi (3,560 JPY (incl. tax)). Seeing the colorful ingredients packed together in the pot is one of the pleasures of kamameshi. This way, you can enjoy seafood in a different way from sashimi and sushi.

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4. Hokkaido Kushiro Fukutei

5. Sake to Soba Maruki

Sapporo's Sake to Soba Maruki is a soba restaurant that has been serving homemade nihachi soba to generations of fans since it opened around 120 years ago. Their fragrant soba is made from 100% Hokkaido buckwheat. You can enjoy this well-established taste in the airport at your convenience. The soba using seasonal ingredients is good, but it's recommended that you try the Tempura Set (910 JPY) since it comes with three times of tempura, including shrimp, and comes with a small soba (hot or cold) along with seasoned rice. Another dish that is popular especially among women is the Ume Toji (910 JPY). It's an egg-drop soba topped with homemade minced plum and has a refreshing taste. Why not try traditional soba while drinking Hokkaido's locally brewed sake? Enjoying soba with sake is a sophisticated way of eating loved by Japanese people.

These restaurants located in the airport are places where you can enjoy tastes and special dishes only available in Hokkaido. Please enjoy Hokkaido cuisine that matches your budget and your time.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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