Highly Rated Based on Word of Mouth! Top 5 Famous Hotels Around Hiroshima Station

Hiroshima is a place that is loaded with tourist attractions, such as World Heritage Sites. If you are going to stay for the night, wouldn’t you want a hotel that can be a perfect base for sightseeing? Below are five convenient hotels around Hiroshima Station that are enjoying rave reviews on an online booking site.

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1. Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel

Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima is a popular hotel that’s directly linked to JR Hiroshima Station, making it incredibly convenient. There are various types of guest rooms available here, including the king room with a gorgeous view outside, and the twin room. Inside the hotel are Japanese cuisine and buffet restaurants, spa and fitness facilities where you can comfortably relax, and even a pool, so guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay. Wi-Fi is free in all of their guest rooms. English-speaking staff are available.

2. Hotel Granvia Hiroshima

This hotel is also in a superb location, as it is directly connected to JR Hiroshima Station. There’s a Limousine Bus stop going to the airport that is also right next to this hotel, so it is perfect as base for sightseeing around the area. Their chic and pleasant guest rooms are fitted with bedding that’ll give you a good night’s sleep, such as comfortable Tempur pillows and fluffy duvet covers for their down quilts. Their breakfast, which can be buffet-style or a Japanese set meal, is also popular. This hotel offers a long list of dining and drinking establishments, from Japanese restaurants, to the Sky Restaurant and Lounge that commands a superb view. Wi-Fi is free in all of their guest rooms. English-speaking staff are available.

3. Hotel Century21 Hiroshima

Hotel Century21 Hiroshima is a popular hotel that is about 3 minutes from JR Hiroshima Station on foot. It offers a wide array of rooms to fit the needs of guests, from comfortable twin rooms, up to Japanese-style rooms with a living room, Japanese-Western fusion rooms that can accommodate up to five guests, and luxurious suite rooms. There are two kinds of dining and drinking facilities inside the hotel: the restaurant that has everything from breakfast, to lunch and dinner, and the restaurant serving gastronomic Japanese delights. Wi-Fi is free in all of their guest rooms and in any public areas.

4. Ark Hotel Hiroshimaeki Minami

Located at a site that is a 5-minute walk from JR Hiroshima Station, Ark Hotel Hiroshimaeki Minami is a hotel that is popular for its huge bathing facility, which has a view that is guaranteed to wipe away your fatigue accumulated from the daily grind. Aside from a vast bathtub, there is also a soothing jacuzzi and sauna in the facility. It is situated on the 10th floor, so you can soak in the bath while gazing at the beautiful nightscape below. Meanwhile, their guest rooms include pleasant single, double, and twin rooms. All their rooms are equipped with air purifiers and humidifiers. Inside the hotel, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast buffets, as well as a relaxing Japanese restaurant. Wi-Fi is free in all of their guest rooms.

5. Hiroshima Ekimae Green Hotel

Hiroshima Ekimae Green Hotel is in a prime spot that is just a 3-minute walk from JR Hiroshima Station. There are 96 guest rooms of various types in this hotel, which are all extremely clean. You can choose your room according to your needs, from their simple yet functional single rooms, twin rooms that boast of magnificent views, and pleasant double rooms, all the way up to relaxing Japanese rooms with tatami flooring. There is also a restaurant where you can eat Japanese or Western breakfasts. Wi-Fi is free in all of their guest rooms.

Hiroshima is a region that is overflowing with appeal, including the many delicious dishes that it has to offer. The next time you are choosing the best hotel to stay in, please use this article as a reference!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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