Recommended for First Timers! How to Enjoy Yatai Stalls in Fukuoka

Yatai food stalls are a key element of gourmet dining and sightseeing in Fukuoka at night. There are many yatai, primarily in the Tenjin, Nakasu, and Nagahama areas. New yatai that were selected through a public appeal by Fukuoka have opened in April 2017 and are attracting attention. This time, we introduce how to enjoy Fukuoka yatai for first timers.

Yatai Food Stall Manners

You're likely to be nervous the first time you go to a yatai food stall. So arm yourself with knowledge of the basic manners.

1. Don't stay too long

There are only a limited number of seats at yatai food stalls, so the etiquette is to be swift. Plan to be there between 30 and 40 minutes, and make sure you don't drink too much or stay too long.

2.Basically, there are no reservations

Food stalls are first come first serve. There are some stalls that take reservations for the first seating after opening, but keep in mind that reservations are usually not accepted.

3. There are toilets near by

There are public toilets or toilets for yatai customers near groups of yatai stalls. They can get crowded, so visit them early.

The Watanabe-dori Area Has Many New and Unique Yatai Stalls

Next, we introduce areas in Fukuoka that have a concentration of yatai stalls.

The Watanabe-dori area stretches along a large street between Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store and BiVi Fukuoka. In particular, the area in front of LoFt Tenjin is attracting attention with three new stalls and existing popular stalls that have moved there.

【Major Yatai in the Watanabe-dori Area】 Yatai Jyonetsu no Chidoriashi, Chez Rémy, Tecchan, Telas&mico (to open in July), Shikiro, Yatai Okamoto, Ahotareno, Kiryu, etc.

The Tenjin Area Has Interesting Specialty Stalls

The Tenjin area is the area around Showa-dori from Tenjin Building to the west of the Tenjinbashi-guchi crossing. It has a concentration of specialty stalls including one serving blowfish dishes, another serving food made with agodashi stock, and another run by a noodle maker. It is also an area with many popular yatai stalls that people line up for.

【Major Yatai in the Tenjin Area】 Bun-chan, Mami-chan, Hakata Fuguchan-tei, Agodashi-tei Kisaichi, Yatai Genkai, Kogane-chan, Unzen, Yosaku, etc.

The Showa-dori Area Has Many Established Favorites

The Showa-dori area spans from Bank of Japan Fukuoka Branch to Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Building. It is about 10 minutes on foot from the Nakasu entertainment district. Recently, KURO-chan and a curry yatai have joined the stalls there.

【Major Yatai in the Showa-dori Area】KURO-chan, Yatai KENZO, Furai-Kenbo, Tawara-chan, Tomo-chan, Tenjin Curry Honke Ruri, Tonkichi, etc.

The Nakasu/Nakagawa Area Has Many Yatai Along the River

The Nakasu/Nakagawa area centers on the area along Naka River and in Seiryu Park and crosses the Kokutai-doro road. It is an area with a concentration of 22 yatai that is crowded with many people. Walk along the river and enjoy the Fukuoka nightscape.

【Major Yatai in the Nakasu/Nakagawa Area】Hakata Nakasu Yatai Koryu, Nakasuno Yatai Kojima Shoten, Hakata Yatai Nakasu Juban, Wazzeka, Take-chan, Mine-chan, Mori, Yama-chan, etc.

There Are More! The Well-Kept Secrets

There are still many more areas with yatai, including two in front of Uniqlo in Canal City Hakata, two in front of Plaza Akasaka at the Kego Crossing, and five in Nagahama, known as the birthplace of kaedama, or extra servings of noodles. If you are in Fukuoka, be sure to enjoy a yatai meal in your favorite area.

【Yatai in the Canal City Hakata Area】Shohei, Yatai Pyonkichi

【Yatai in the Kego Area】Hakata Ramen Keiji, Umattsura

【Yatai in the Nagahama Area】Long Beach, Nagahama Tonkichi Honten, Nagahama Tonkichi Nidaime, Wakadaisho, Sayoko

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 06.29.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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