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5 Selected Locations to Enjoy in Itoshima, a Fukuoka Sightseeing Spot

Itoshima is a tourist location that can be easily reached from the city Fukuoka. There you will find a natural scenic beauty, stylish cafes and stores selling miscellaneous goods. Here are 5 recommended locations to enjoy on Itoshima.


1. Shiraito Falls Fureaino Sato

Shiraito Falls Fureaino Sato can be reached in less than an hour by car from Fukuoka, located halfway up Mt. Hagane. The cooling breeze coming from the falls and the charming seasonal flowers can revitalize you. There are areas for children to play in the water a little downstream from the falls. Shiki no Chaya, a restaurant nearby serving soumenchiri, a famous Itoshima specialty, and soumen nagashi (flowing soumen) (400 JPY), a famous summer dish, can also be enjoyed near the falls. There is a fishing pond nearby, and if you can catch a trout, it can be swapped for a grilled fish. The fish is great with soumen. A soba-making workshop (2,000 JPY per person for two servings) is also available.

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1. Shiraito Falls Fureaino Sato

2. Sakurai Futamigaura

Sakurai Futamigaura is designated as one of the top 100 coasts of Japan, and one of the top 100 sunset locations in Japan. It is known as Chikuzen's Futamigaura of the Sunsets (Chikuzen being an old province), opposite of Ise's Futamigaura of the Sunrises. The view of sunset through the famous married couple rocks is incredible, especially around the summer solstice. The married couple rocks were known in ancient times as a gateway to the dragon’s palace. The married couple rocks stand 150m off the coast and is part of land owned by the Sakurai Shrine. Every year in May, they replace the ooshimenawa (equipment used for rituals in Shinto; it's a giant rice straw rope with pieces of paper called "shide" that are in the shape of the character that means thread) on the married couple rocks is replaced. It is venerated as a sacred spot. Itoshima Peninsula, inside Genkai Quasi-National Park, has many famous sunset locations and is also popular for the Singing Sand Anego Coast.

The view of sunset through the Couple Rock

3. Cafe Shokudo Nord

Cafe Shokudo Nord is the light blue building on the hill of Nijofukae in Itoshima. Beautiful views of the ocean and of the silhouette of Himejima Island can be seen from the windows. "Nord" means "north" in French, and Cafe Shokudo Nord is named for the hometown of its owner, which is Furano, Hokkaido. Many vegetables from Hokkaido and Itoshima Island are used in their home-style dishes, and their daily home-baked bread is also popular. Above all, the butter anpan bread (180 JPY (incl. tax)), made with ingredients from Hokkaido, has a soft and chewy texture and the perfect balance between sweet red bean paste and salty butter. The bread can be ordered to go, so it can be bought for afternoon tea, for those who ate too much at lunch.


DURAM FACTORY is a handmade leather goods store in Itoshima. They strive to make durable products with natural materials and simple designs. They offer a variety of products with many options for colors, like wallets, key cases, and card cases. Their products become more comfortable to use the longer you use them, which is the secret to their popularity. Their products are available at DURAM FACTORY SHOP, next to the craft studio in Tomari, or Konoha Mall Hashimoto Branch in the Nishi-ku area of Fukuoka. There are also limited-edition products and natural products selected by the owner. They offer a name engraving service (540 JPY (incl. tax)), which is a good idea for a present.


Natural smartphone case made of leather


5. Taro Chaya Kamakura, Itoshima Branch

Taro Chaya Kamakura is a nationwide franchise cafe, and is also available in Shimayoshida of Itoshima. This is definitely a cafe worth visiting. Relax and experience the omotenashi Japanese welcoming spirit, in an atmosphere created in the style of an authentic Kyoto machiya house. Handmade sweets, food, and beverages can be enjoyed along with the ceramic works from the Taro kiln famous for Nanjoyaki pottery in Himeji, where the main branch of this cafe is. The famous Kamakura warabimochi treat is recommended as a souvenir, as it has a beautiful texture and just enough sweetness.

5. Taro Chaya Kamakura, Itoshima Branch

Itoshima, which can be considered a suburb of the metropolitan city of Fukuoka, is blessed with nature. There are many famous sightseeing locations, and Itoshima has been supporting the tourism industry of Fukuoka for a long time. Please stop by and explore one of the representative sightseeing locations of Japan that boasts attractive elements different from the more urban locations.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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