Top 5 Recommended Hotels Easily Accessible from Fukuoka Airport

It is recommended to stay at a hotel with easy access from the airport when staying at the Fukuoka, Kyushu area, which is a popular spot for travel. This article introduces 5 favorable hotels near Hakata and Tenjin Station.

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1. Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata

Nishitetsu Hotel Croom Hakata is about a 4-minute walk from Hakata Station, which is accessible from the airport within 5 minutes by subway. This hotel is at a convenient location to travel around Fukuoka and the rest of the Kyushu area as Hakata Station comes with various JR lines and the Shinkansen. The simple yet modern rooms here come with Japanese paper walls and a unique type of flooring for the twin rooms, while the business rooms come with a coffee machine and a massage chair. The hotel furthermore offers a ladies’ room which comes with a hair iron and a night steamer. The large communal bath, where guests may spend their time relaxing, comes with an indoor and outdoor bath, as well as a sauna. The whole hotel comes with free Wi-Fi. You may find staff who can speak English.

2. Ana Crowne Plaza Fukuoka

This hotel is also about 5 minutes away from Hakata Station by foot. You may choose your room of preference from the 256 regular rooms to the 64 club rooms. Each room comes with eye warmers and bath bombs, morning and night time tea, as well as original amenities for your night time routine.
For those that avail of the club rooms, you may have access to the fitness center. Furthermore, you may spend a luxurious time at the special lounge, where you may avail of the tea and cocktail at the special lounge, as well as join in the morning buffet. You may access free Wi-Fi within the whole hotel as well as find staff who can speak English and/or Korean.

3. HOTEL UNIZO Fukuoka Tenjin

HOTEL UNIZO Fukuoka Tenjin is a 9 minutes’ walk from Tenjin Station, which is about 11 minutes by subway from the airport. This hotel is not just close to the Tenjin Minami Station subway, but also close to the Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station.
The uniquely designed rooms offer a modern atmosphere, among which is the “Gracia King Bed”, which specially comes with a Jacuzzi at the rooftop, where you may relax as you gaze upon the city of Tenjin. You may avail of the basic plan or the alternative which comes with breakfast. You may enjoy your breakfast at Tully’s Coffee, which is a cafe located at the 1st floor of the hotel, where you may avail of set menus such as hotdogs and pancakes. You may access free Wi-Fi within the whole hotel.

3. HOTEL UNIZO Fukuoka Tenjin

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4. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel

The Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel is located directly adjacent to the Tenjin Station subway. This hotel is located in the higher floors of the Solaria Plaza and is accessible by foot by about 3 minutes upon passage of the ground floor.
You may enjoy a spectacular view from each room as well as from the restaurants. You may also gaze upon the night life at Hakata. You may avail of a variety of rooms such as the most simple economy room to the rich, suite room. You may also select from the plan that lets you avail of the teppanyaki (iron board cooked meals) and the full course dinner at the restaurant at the top floor. You may access free Wi-Fi within the whole hotel. You may furthermore find staff who can speak English.

5. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hakata-Gion

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hakata-Gion is only about a minute’s walk from Gion Station by subway from the airport. This hotel is furthermore easily accessible within 7 minutes by foot from Hakata Station.
You may find a variety of rooms such as the single, double, and twin, but also select from the “relax rooms” which come with a massage chair. Female guests may also enjoy the ladies room, which come with a face steamer, aroma pot, and foot massager. You may avail of breakfast at the restaurant “Yayoi Ken” at the first floor of the restaurant, where you may have meals at a reasonable price of 500 JPY and above. You may access free Wi-fi within the whole hotel. You may furthermore find staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean, and/or Spanish.

What do you think? The hotels included in this article are not only located at convenient spots, but have also received favorable reviews for the comfort of the stay they offer. Please use this article as reference when you come and stay in Fukuoka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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