5 Selected Fukuoka Ryokan

Fukuoka is a historical city prospering from tourism. The city is enriched by the accommodation business, and has many sophisticated and unique traditional ryokan (Japanese inns). Here are 5 selected ryokan in Fukuoka that will make your trip even more special.


1. Seiryuan

Seiryuan is located in the Okuzashiki Akizuki onsen in Fukuoka. This ryokan is in a castle town called "the little Kyoto of Chikuzen" (the old province in Japan that is now Fukuoka), and has the intriguing atmosphere of a hideout. They only have 6 guest rooms including a detached room. A beautiful garden that can be seen from each room echoes the character of each season. Each room has its own onsen (hot spring) flowing into a a genuine Japanese-style hinoki cypress bath and some rooms even have a stone sauna. There are a shared bathing area with a hinoki cypress aroma and a spacious open-air onsen. It is said to have a soothing effect on neuralgia and muscle pain. They offer sophisticated, traditional Japanese cuisine that uses strictly selected ingredients from Kyushu, which are arranged beautifully on traditional Japanese plates. The gorgeous Japanese garden they have is also charming.

2. Taisenkaku

Taisenkaku is located at the Harazuru onsen, a location reachable in 60 min by car from Fukuoka. One of the hot springs they provide is called the "beauty spring" as it has qualities like alkaline and sulfur, which are good for conditioning the skin. They offer 5 types of hot spring like the Jungle Bath, which gives the sensation of bathing in the tropical rainforest, the private open-air onsen Takimi no Yu, and Miyabi no Yu, which has a mist sauna (women only). The guest rooms are mostly Japanese-style, and the Chikugo River can be seen from some rooms. The banquet dishes they offer, made with local ingredients and a satisfying balance of fish and meat, also have good reviews. Additionally, cormorant fishing can be observed from the 20th of May to mid October, by request at the front desk of ryokan. This would definitely be a unique experience.

3. Kashima Honkan

Kashima Honkan is a 2 min walk from Gion Station. This ryokan was built during the Taisho era (1912-1926), and is designated a National Tangible Cultural Property. The historical atmosphere of the building is very popular with travelers. There are 27 guest rooms, but each room has different features. This ryokan has a lobby reminiscent of the Taisho era, sukiya (tea ceremony arbor)-style Japanese rooms, and a Japanese garden. This place is perfect for those who want to experience historical Japan. We recommend you ask for a room with a garden view when you book. Also, not all rooms have a refrigerator, so if you expect to need one it is wise to check. A dining service is not available at this ryokan, but it is a convenient place to stay for travelers.

4. Roppokan

Roppokan, part of the Harazuru onsen, is popular for its perfect location with a great view of the rural district and Chikugo River. They have a variety of rooms like guest rooms with an open-air onsen, guest rooms with a half-open-air onsen, Showa-style Japanese rooms, and guest rooms with a bed. They also have many types of onsen to enjoy like the bamboo charcoal spring, hinoki cypress spring, and herbal spring. Plus, amazing views can be seen from the open-air onsen on the 4th floor, the open-air observation garden spring, and the open-air hinoki cypress spring. They also have an ashiyu (footbath) on the terrace. The delicious banquet dishes they provide have a hint of Italian and Chinese styles alongside Japanese.They use fresh seasonal ingredients so you'll want to eat every last bite. This would be the perfect place to get away and have a luxurious time.

5. Daimaru Besso

Daimaru Besso, established 150 years ago, is where the historical Futsukaichi onsen, known for being mentioned in Manyoshu (the oldest extant collection of Japanese poetry dated from the mid 7th to the early 8th century), can be enjoyed. This ryokan can be reached within 15 min by train from Hakata Station, and 35 min by car from Fukuoka Airport. The location is surrounded by mountains, and has a retro-modern architectural atmosphere. The guest rooms are Japanese style, and there are also detached guest rooms. The large Japanese garden and spacious 330sq.m. unisex onsen baths are very popular. Cobble stones line the bottom of the onsen and create the sensation of walking through a natural river. Additionally, the sophisticated kaiseki-style cuisine, with ingredients carefully selected by the owner of the ryokan and a daily menu, has great reviews. This ryokan is an ideal inn for those who would like to relax at a historical Japanese location.

Did you find a ryokan that you would like to try? In Fukuoka, you will find many natural locations with good quality onsens, not very far from the central city. Please indulge yourself with the onsen, cuisine, and scenery of Fukuoka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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