Recommended High-Class Sushi Restaurants in Fukuoka

There are plenty of high-class sushi restaurants in Fukuoka, but here are 5 that are especially recommended.

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1. Tenzushi Kyomachi Branch

Tenzushi Kyomachi is a restaurant in Fukuoka that is extremely famous. It uses ingredients mainly from the seas around Kyushu, and each sushi is made one by one with care for a superior product. The sushi is so beautiful that gourmands from around the country sigh at the sight. In order to focus on the taste of the sushi, they don't offer liquor or small plates. They also rarely offer soy sauce but prefer that the sushi is eaten with salt or kabosu citrus so you can experience the true deliciousness of the fish itself. The 10 piece course is 15,000 JPY (excl. tax) and the 15 piece is 20,000 JPY (excl. tax)), and includes original sushi like the half-boiled Japanese tiger shrimp or fatty tuna stuffed with sea grapes. You can also order additional pieces for an extra charge.

1. Tenzushi Kyomachi Branch

2. Sushi Yasukichi

This restaurant only has an omakase course (in which the chef chooses what to serve) starting at 15,000 JPY, featuring carefully selected ingredients to create detailed and especially delicious meals and sushi. The sake menu is large and has choices from all around the country. The course includes 11 kinds of dishes, including stuffed spear squid and filefish and its pate dressed with vinegar and around 13 kinds of seasonal sushi that all go very well with sake so you might end up drinking more than expected. It's an extremely popular restaurant so customers can only spend two hours there, but please stop by and enjoy some of Japan's highest quality sushi!

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3. Chikamatsu

Chikamatsu is a restaurant with a modern appearance that only offers an omakase course starting at 15,000 JPY. They're known for their delicious dishes that really bring out the flavors of the ingredients, like chawanmushi (savory egg custard) made with the soft roe of wild tiger globefish and grilled barracuda pickled in a yuzu citrus sauce. Even though the sushi is simple you can feel the care and work the chef put into making it. When you visit, you must come with someone who has already been a customer or have another sushi restaurant directly call for a reservation. If you get the chance to go, don't let it pass you by!

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4. Sushi Osamu

Sushi Osamu attracts sushi connoisseurs from around the country. It's very popular for its high-quality sushi. The popular omakase course (15,000 JPY (excl. tax)) first offers 5 cleverly designed dishes, then different types of nigirizushi like spear squid eaten with yuzu citrus and salt, tilefish wrapped in kombu seaweed, and blowfish. The Osamu no Inari is inarizushi (vinegared rice stuffed inside fried and seasoned tofu) that's fluffy and juicy. Other than the omakase course, you can order sushi a la carte. There is a nigirizushi only course (5,000 JPY during the day, 8,000 JPY during the evening (excl. tax)), so this is recommended for people that want to enjoy sushi to their heart's content.

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5. Sushi Sakai

Ever since Sushi Sakai opened in July 2013, it's continued to attract attention. They use ingredients not just from Kyushu but seasonal foodstuffs from around the country, and they offer sushi that are prepared or aged based on the particular ingredient. The chef uses different techniques for aging (keeping it at a low temperature or in a vacuum, or using salt, seaweed, or vinegar) in order to bring out the best flavors. The only course is the omakase course for around 13,000 JPY. The small plates go perfectly with sake and the sushi is so exquisite they have plenty of repeat customers. This is one you should definitely try.

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Since Kyushu is surrounded by water, Fukuoka is near the sea. As a result, there are plenty of sushi restaurants using the freshest seafood that you can only get in Kyushu. In recent years, Fukuoka has become a popular spot for sushi that's said to be quite high-class, so please try some!

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