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Recommended for your trip to Fukuoka! 5 Izakaya Offering Delicious Sake

Fukuoka is known as a gourmet city, and there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat fresh seafood and regional specialties from both in Fukuoka and neighboring prefectures. Here are 5 shops that are proud of the stock of delicious sake.


1. Syoumon

Syoumon offers a menu focusing mostly on famous Kyushu dishes. The Hakata mizutaki (980 JPY) is a Hakata stew made using bone-in chicken for a rich yet light flavor. Katsuika no sugatazukuri (starting at 1,980 JPY), sashimi made using an entire live squid, is a dish from Yobuko in Shiga that you should definitely try.
The recommended sake on offer is Dassai, an easy-to-drink brand even for first-timers. There are also standard options like Kubota and Hakkaisan, as well as local sake from Fukuoka like Tamaizumi and Senkakubanrai.

2. Hakata Hotaru Nishi-Nakasu Main Store

At this restaurant that takes care in picking its dishes and sake, you can try the famous motsunabe (1,280 JPY (excl. tax)). This motsunabe uses dried and shaved mackerel for the broth, which gives it a high-quality taste. You can choose to add soy sauce or miso as the base flavor. Also, the maguro no warayaki (1,130 JPY (excl. tax)) is a tuna dish that's broiled with straw. It's recommended because the fragrance of the straw gives the tuna a delicious flavor.
The sake on offer is a wide variety from around the country. They have a limited quantity of Jikon, a sake brand that is very rare and hard to get, so if it's there when you go, you should definitely order it.

2. Hakata Hotaru Nishi-Nakasu Main Store


You can enjoy seasonal sake and horse cuisine at this restaurant decorated like a traditional home. Horse cuisine is a local specialty of Kumamoto, a prefecture next to Fukuoka. Fresh horse meat is shipped from Kumamoto so they can offer it in various ways. Something that's recommended is the horse sashimi platter (1,300 JPY (excl. tax)). There's also stew, grilled skewers, and smoked meat, so why not try something new?
Along with local sake from around Fukuoka, they have the rare Miyakanbai. They also have seasonal brands. Definitely enjoy a sake that goes well with your horse sashimi or stew!

4. Suisho

This restaurant is owned by a sake connoisseur. All of the sake was personally chosen by the owner after visiting the brewery. There are plenty of varieties, from brands good for beginners to those for experienced sake drinkers, as well as rare types like foaming or cocktail varieties. For those that want to try different ones, there's the rokudannomi set (1,980 JPY (excl. tax)) which lets you try 6 selected types of sake and 3 types of sake that you choose yourself.
The food menu is made up entirely of dishes that go well with sake. The beef tendon and tofu (380 JPY (excl. tax)) dish is made with a deep flavor and it's a top dish. You can also have seafood sashimi and delicacies, as well as oden and other meals.

5. Iroriyaki Kurofune Uomachi Branch

This restaurant is known for its kurofune genshiyaki (starting at 580 JPY (excl. tax)) in which fish and squid are grilled using far infrared rays from charcoal. This dish has been highly praised by fishermen that say that cooking fish this way is the most delicious way. The skin becomes aromatic and the meat gets soft and flaky. They also have fresh sashimi made using fish directly from the market, as well as gomasaba (680 JPY (excl. tax)), a Fukuoka specialty made with chub mackerel and a sesame and soy sauce-based sauce.
There are usually about 20 brands offered from all around the country. There are famous brands like Juyondai and Kokuryu, as well as seasonal and special edition types of sake.

5. Iroriyaki Kurofune Uomachi Branch

There are plenty of types of sake. Depending on the restaurant, the brands available are different, so it might be good to try 2 or 3 different places. Please enjoy Fukuoka with delicious food in one hand and sake in the other!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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