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Ranking2019.11.17~2019.11.30 Total

  1. 10 Recommended Japanese Bag Stores in Tokyo

  2. [Special Edition] Top 10 Must-Visit Outlet Malls and Major Shopping Centers in Osaka

  3. [Tokyo] A Must-Read for Shoe Lovers! 5 Recommended Shoe Stores in Harajuku/Omotesando

  4. Fukuoka | 40 Things to Do in Fukuoka Prefecture From the Standards to Hidden Gems

  5. A Secret 7-Eleven Sweet That’s Breaking the Internet! Super Delicious and Affordable!

  6. A Huge Hit at Seria! The BONHEUR Series Introduces a Square-Type Container

  7. The 5 Best Smart Phone Accessories to Buy at 100 Yen and 300 Yen Stores

  8. 4 Recommended Secondhand Stores in Osaka

  9. 10 in Kobe with Affordable Kobe Beef for Lunch

  10. Luxury Starbucks in Ginza with Reservable Seats! Check Out the Classy Lunch Menu and Exclusive Items Too

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