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Ranking2020.1.5~2020.1.18 Total

  1. 10 Recommended Japanese Bag Stores in Tokyo

  2. Don’t Miss Them If You’re In Japan! Eight Recommended Fruits

  3. 【Osaka/Kyoto】December to February Month-by-Month Guide for Winter Travel — What Clothes to Wear for the Weather and Temperature

  4. 7 Spectacular Winter Views in Japan You Don’t Want To Miss

  5. The First Official Doraemon Store Has Opened in Odaiba and is Chock Full of Exclusive Merchandise

  6. Five Scenic Spots in Kansai to Visit in the Winter

  7. Fukuoka | 40 Things to Do in Fukuoka Prefecture From the Standards to Hidden Gems

  8. [Special Edition] Top 10 Must-Visit Outlet Malls and Major Shopping Centers in Osaka

  9. 4 Recommended Secondhand Stores in Osaka

  10. Perfect for Instagram! Cute Pokemon-themed Utility Hole Covers to Appear in Hokkaido!

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